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By the close of the 5th century the city was largely deserted, although some occupation continued under a "Praefectus Civitatis", for Saint Paulinus visited a man of this office in Lincoln in AD 629.

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"Lindum Colonia" was shortened on the tongues of the later, English speakers, to become 'Lincoln'.

And then there was austerity - people tightening their belts a little, looked to what could be enjoyed closer to home.

And then, of course, there is the increasing disquiet about how holidays, both at home and abroad, are so much more expensive in the school holidays than in term time - sometimes double.

Add to this the fact that schools are now clamping down on children being taken out of the classrooms, with fines imposed, and you can see why thousands upon thousands of people are now actually deciding to spend their holiday times being at home and enjoying days out within driving distance of their addresses.

And you know, I bet these people never knew just how much could be enjoyed within a stone's throw of where they live, allowing them to have true family time while able to come back at the end of the day and relax in their own homes.

Make a list - one for the family and one that you, your partner, husband or wife can enjoy together.