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Who is pasha dating

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So Rachel Riley and Pasha Kovalev were sure to enjoy their night out together seeing Beautiful - The Carole King Musical in the West End on Thursday night.The pair cosied up as they made their way into the auditorium, grinning happily as they enjoyed their date night.

By the time she was 20 she was writing number ones for the likes of Aretha Franklin and the Monkees.He began dancing at the age of eight, and until 2000, he competed with his partner Anya Garnis in the Amateur Latin category in Russia. Their competitive achievements include being finalists in the US Open from 2002 to 2006.Although originally he only attended the audition to support Anya Garnis, he was asked to audition as well and together with Garnis became one of the 20 dancers chosen to compete in the show's third season from June to August 2007.The 31-year-old wore her blonde locks loose around her shoulders, with a slight twist to the style.She was sure to flash her trademark smile to the cameras as she posed with her boyfriend, 37, for a couple of shots in the theatre corridors.I had a protective suit on just in case but I couldn't wear a bra because the underwiring would heat up.' Her fans wilsurely be delighted to hear that one.

and have since participated in the eight subsequent seasons as either choreographers or All-Star partners to the contestants.

In 2011, Kovalev moved to the United Kingdom to take part in the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing as a professional dancer.

Born in early 1980, Kovalev was raised by his mother and grew up with his brother. Kovalev and Garnis turned professional and from 2002 started competing in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Their romance was quite the scandal, given that she'd only been married for a year when they met. Indeed, her admission that she's learning Russian so she can talk to his mother is telling, a suggestion that she's in for the long haul.'His mum doesn't speak English, and his brother isn't that confident speaking it - the first time I met them al I couldn't understand a word. But now when he Skypes his mother in Siberia I can say a few words, or work out what they're talking about.'On holiday in the States recently she met up with some of Pasha's friends who were keen to engage her in conversation, leading to a rather confusing moment. One can only imagine Pasha's friends falling about laughing when she says, 'Last week I was cycling on a tightrope to teach people about science' or, 'I went though a walof fire on a zipwire for work'. The reason is a new series that takes her out of her niche Countdown arena and plunges her into a generapresenting role. It's showing that you can't separate the world of science from the world we live in.' Isn't her background in maths, though, rather than science? Maths is the language of science.'To be honest, the show sounds more suicidathan cerebral, given the stunts it features.

'One of them asked me about my work, and I told him, in Russian, that I do numbers on TV. It's Not Rocket Science on ITV sees Rachel, 30, and her co-presenters - comedians and fellow brainboxes Ben Miller, who did a Ph D in solid state physics, and Romesh Ranganathan, an ex-maths teacher - attempt to bring science to the masses. 'People hear the word "science" and they think lab coats and Bunsens. Flying through a walof flames seems tame in comparison to what the men have to do.

Hasn't she struggled a bit given that she's a numbers person rather than a linguist, I ask hopefully, clinging to the idea that no one can be good at everything?