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Who is gladys knight dating

The pair continued to have an oral licensing arrangement until this year, but after her son's alleged misdemeanors Knight wanted out.She filed a lawsuit in August demanding damages for Hankerson's continued use of her name on the restaurant chain, as well as 'certain proprietary recipes and memorabilia, including Knight’s dresses/costumes and photographs featuring Knight and other celebrities'.

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Gladys Knight’s Chicken & Waffles restaurants raided The restaurateur was on vacation in Florida Tuesday, but turned himself in at the Georgia jail early Wednesday, revenue department spokesman William Gaston told The News.Soul legend Gladys Knight’s son spent several hours in a Georgia jail after authorities fingered his popular chicken and waffles chain in a $1 million probe.Shanga Hankerson, 39, was booked into Clayton County Jail in Jonesboro, Ga., just before 4 a.m.Wednesday on two counts of theft by taking, jail records show.He was released more than ten hours later on $22,400 bond, a Georgia Department of Revenue official told the Daily News.I like to prepare my marinade early in the morning, then cook the chicken once I get home from work.

Let batter rest for 10 minutes while heating up your waffle iron.

The court documents, filed Thursday and seen exclusively by Daily, say 'Plaintiff’s claims are barred, in whole or in part, [sic] lack of mental capacity to rescind the license agreement granted to Defendants.' Gladys Knight and her son Shanga Hankerson, pictured together in 2013.

But their relationship has turned nasty after Hankerson filed documents fighting his mother's wish for her name to be removed from his restaurant chain, after he was accused of stealing from the business The licensing deal between the family members lasted ten years but expired in 2009.

Gladys Knight, known better as the Empress of Soul is a songwriter, singer as well as an actress is known best for her musical group named Gladys.

Synopsis Gladys Knight is a versatile personality who has made her name for being a part of the musical group Gladys as well as for her acting endeavors.

Hankerson is accused of stealing more than $650,000 in sales and withholding state taxes, with the grand total amounting to more than $1 million after interest and penalties.