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Who is frankie delgado dating

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Delgado, Mosher, and Reinhardt were so excited for their reunion that each reality star shared the same photo as Carter from the night.

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Conrad sent a congratulatory message to the newlyweds on Twitter, following the ceremony."[email protected] and @shopatrend [Acosta] are officially husband and wife! Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt dissed The Hills earlier this year."The show is, like, so lame and fake," the heiress famously said in May, while denying ever having watched it.The nuptials, which were attended by guests Lauren Conrad, Brody Jenner and Reggie Bush, took place at Rancho Las Lomas near Dana Point, Calif.During the reception, Conrad, 27, posted a picture of the newlyweds dancing, writing, "Congratulations!"They make up relationships that are not there."In a recent interview, Paris Hilton explained why her boyfriend - and Lauren Conrad's ex - Doug Reinhardt won't be appearing on MTV's The Hills in the future.

No, not because the show's star dumped him, but ...

On last night's episode of The Hills, the crew returned from vacation and the aftershocks from Brody and Audrina’s Hawaiian hookup were felt throughout So Cal.

In short, Jayde Nicole went ballistic, and may be slightly insane.

So where was Heidi Montag's husband exactly on Thursday night?

PHOTOS: Best friend breakups It turned out that Pratt was inside the bash, where he caught up and shared a photo with "the Prince [of Malibu]" Jenner and other partygoers. #Western Wild Bash With the Prince @brodyjenner @hunterkauai @pinesauce A photo posted by Spencer Pratt (@spencerpratt) on Mar 12, 2015 at pm PDT PHOTOS: Celebs' yearbook photos!

"So grateful to have had these handsome gentlemen there to celebrate Western Wild with me last night!