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Who is debra wilson dating

appreciate it,” Wilson told listeners, noting it did not prevent her from continuing. As long as your audience agrees there is some semblance of a possibility [in a performance] they concur with, then I can do that.” (The comedian then launched into an extensive run-down of Oprah’s behaviors contributing to those still-relevant parodies.The result is an epic, must-listen read of the media magnate which gagged both hosts.)Written by and starring Terry Ray and Wendy Michaels, up-tight, homophobic Amanda (Michaels) crash lands in the home of her gay brother Seth (Ray) after finding her husband has cheated with her best gal-pal.

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In the series premiere, Debbie struggles with Harry's mother Tabitha who seems to dislike Debbie.She hasn't been without a companion animal in over 27 years, and continues her companionship with a Columbian Tegu lizard named "Lizard".IMDb may not be a reliable source for biographical information.Various / Lowered Expectations Guide / Rosa Marticorena / Oprah Winfrey / Pam / Arlene / Beth Posner / Black Superhero Silhuette / Brenda / Burger Nation Worker / Coffee Tour Participant / Coroner's Assistant / Deb / Doctor / Dr.Warren / Fiona / Friendly Neighborhood Person / Herself / Janet Jackson / Judy / Juror / Latisha / Marie the Pilot / Melinda / Minister / Plaintiff / Prosecutor Jenny Fontaine / Spishak Cola Taster / Spishak Commercial Mom / Student / TGI Saturdays Customer / Thelma / Vilma Washington / Whitney Housten / Whitney Houston / Women Shooting Neural Transmitting Spikes Although Wilson shared her home with two boa constrictors, two cats, and two scorpions, all have since passed away.Five years ago, she shaved off her well-known dreadlocks.

Since that time, she has stretched her earlobes to an inch in diameter and undergone full-body tattooing.

Debra Wilson -- who became pretty famous playing a wacked-out Whitney Houston on "MADtv" -- has filed for divorce ... According to the docs, Wilson cites irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce.

Wilson married Cliff Skelton, a cinematographer, in 2006.

As a MADtv actress for fourteen years, Debra became one of the show’s powerhouses – she was the Kristen Wiig of the show.

When she first began on the show in 1995, she may headlines for her then-groundbreaking views on homosexuality.

The comic’s parodies of a chemically altered Whitney Houston and an overly enthusiastic Oprah Winfrey – played without remorse or reservation during her eight-year run on “That, to me, doesn’t define you as gay [people],” she continued during an interview on Party Foul Radio with Pollo & Pearl.