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Who is brody dating at the end of the hills

The next actors cast in the series were Rene Gube and James Earl, with Gube cast in the role of Threepeat, a money manager; and Earl playing the role of Derrick, a laid-back guy who works with Jennifer on the ground floor.

Ryan was taken in by the Cohens, became best buds with Seth and had a thing for choker necklaces and white tank tops.TBS placed a pilot order for Ground Floor on February 21, 2013.The series was created by Bill Lawrence and Greg Malins, with Lawrence serving as executive producer alongside Jeff Astrof and Jeff Ingold, and the production companies Warner Bros. Skylar Astin and Briga Heelan then joined the cast in the two lead roles, with Astin playing Brody, a Harvard graduate and money manager who falls for Heelan's Jennifer, an intelligent maintenance worker.Audrina finds a fresh start and a true shot at happiness when she starts dating her old friend, Ryan Cabrera.Ryan is everything that Justin isn't -- and he's ready to commit.That means Kristin taking a backseat, and that means trouble for everyone.

In a city full of women that he's conquered, Brody may also have his eye on someone he's never been able to get a hold of -- Audrina.

The beloved teen series featured love triangles, fist fights and one of the best TV soundtracks ever.

C.’s series finale aired 10 years ago today, February 22, which means that Seth Cohen has likely read piles of comic books and played The Shins on vinyl countless times since tying the knot with his high school crush, Summer Roberts. C., which ran for four seasons from 2003 to 2007 on Fox, told the story of a not-so-bad boy from Chino who is taken in by a rich family in a gated community in Orange County.

In the final season of 'The Hills' - Kristin, Audrina and Heidi learn that the people they love the most can be the hardest to hold on to.

Kristin has made some enemies in LA, but now that her summer romance with Justin is fading, she wants to make friends.

She never really let Brody off the hook, and now they're both single -- and before they know it they go from friends, to friends with benefits.