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Updating motherboard

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The quicker you get Driver Tuner™, the sooner your driver troubles will be gone! Driver Tuner™ can help you update the old drivers with the latest drivers for your computer and increase the ease at which you can run the latest CPU-intensive software such as games.

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We’ve tested the tool using the online mode and the BIOS was updated successfully, so we must mention once again that it’s very important to follow the steps provided by the manufacturer.Maintaining updated ASUS Motherboard software prevents crashes and maximizes hardware and system performance.Using outdated or corrupt ASUS Motherboard drivers can cause system errors, crashes, and cause your computer or hardware to fail.All in all, ASUS Update is a life-saving tool when you need to address some hardware issues by updating the BIOS, so give it a shot if you really have to.It comes with a freeware license, but don’t mess around with it unless you really know what you’re doing.But to do that, you’ll have to have a motherboard that supports the upgrade.

On another note, if you’re upgrading for the sake of gaming, save your money and upgrade your graphics card instead.

When you want to make quick upgrades to PC performance, the first choices should always be increasing RAM or switching hard disk drives to solid state drives.

But when you’ve exhausted your upgrade options, it’s probably time to roll up your sleeves and start looking at more intense upgrades. A newer motherboard opens up a range of options for your PC that we’ll cover in a moment, but it also leads to additional compatibility upgrades that can be quite expensive.

Most modern games lean more heavily on your GPU Making the upgrade to newer iterations of RAM requires a motherboard that will support those new RAM modules.

If you’re currently using DDR3, for example, you can’t make the jump to DDR4 or, eventually, DDR5 without swapping out the motherboard and the CPU first.

Basically, it offers multiple updating modes, including an online one or through a downloaded file, but both of them should work just fine.