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Southampton dating scan

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In this study we aim to test whether offspring of mothers supplemented with vitamin D in pregnancy have higher bone mass at birth than those whose mothers were not supplemented.

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x Also went for one at 8-9 weeks and they had to resend for me as was too early for one of the tests !On the plus side I have a wicked collection of scan photos I cried at everyone and a great story to tell Thomas where we were the first time that we saw him !!! Dating scans are pretty accurate - so you will learn from that how far you are.x Best of luck and take tissues lol I had scans at EPAC at 6 and 8 weeks with this pregnancy, and when I asked the doctor afterwards when I'd be due she gave me a 'rough date' and told me they'd almost definitely change it at 12weeks because at 6 and 8 weeks it's too early and small to measure probably which is why they do it later. The scan at 12 weeks is to check over your babies development so far, and to confirm the number of babies in your tummy!At 19 and 34 weeks maternal anthropometry is assessed and blood samples taken to measure 25(OH)-vitamin D, PTH and biochemistry.At delivery venous umbilical cord blood is collected, together with umbilical cord and placental tissue.We encourage patients to bring a family member or two and recommend that you keep your midwife informed of your visit to the clinic.

We will provide printed images of your ultrasound scan as well as digital versions saved on a USB stick for you to take home and share with your family.

Equally, the absence of any abnormalities or problems on the scan can be a source of much re-assurance to the expectant parents.

This ultrasound examination serves to perform a full assessment of the baby's development in order to reassure the parents that the organs have formed normally.

Our patients are at the heart of what we do and we want you to be in control of your care.

To us, that means you can choose the consultant you want to see, and when you want. All of our consultants are of the highest calibre and benefit from working in our modern, well-equipped hospitals.

From examining the baby for normal development, through to sexing the baby, estimating the baby's size and providing 3D and 4D images, modern ultrasound equipment and technical expertise enables women to avail themselves of a full pregnancy ultrasound service. The principal reason is for reassurance that the pregnancy is progressing satisfactorily and that the baby's heartbeat is present.