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What you might not know is that there are hundreds of social networks out there.

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By “democratizing”, people simply meant “publishing online”, but by calling it “democratizing” it carries the implication of inherent good (and more divisively, that any opponent to publishing data is somehow non-democratic.) I question whether many people calling for open data really have the resources to also support the needed vigilance, or simply use the “democratizing” tag to absolve themselves from the consequences of publishing or republishing information.We have already scheduled therapy to discuss this with our daughter. You are right to be concerned about the safety of your daughter’s friends, and it will be important for you to share the information you have with their parents. When you put your heads together, you will likely learn a great deal from each other.Although the drinking will be addressed, I am hesitant to share with her where I got the photos because, as guilty as I feel, I think “keeping tabs” on her blog without her knowledge helps me know what is going on. With regard to the school, disclosing your daughter’s online activity at school may help school personnel be more alert to this activity, but there is little they can do to prevent it.Camsurf is a family friendly, G-rated Chatroulette platform and as such is strongly against all forms of bullying.To help combat cyberbullies, Camsurf is moderated by a team of professionals who are trained to spot when users of our service are being bullied.The ones I'm going to talk about are ones the kids in your life probably know.

However, they aren't that kid-friendly, which means you need to know about them, too.

Open data is increasingly claimed to be “democratizing”.

It is not clear to me where the “democracy” part is.

My daughter has taken to spending a lot of time on a site called

Also, my husband and I recently banned her from another video chat site called chatroulette because she and her friends were participating in inappropriate conversations with people they did not know.

Examples of cyberbullying include spreading rumors about someone by email or on social media, blackmailing someone online, or personally insulting someone because of their appearance.