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Sharepoint consolidating multiple ad user accounts

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Traditionally with Office 365, the Windows Azure Active Directory Sync Tool (Dir Sync) operated on a basis of one Active Directory to one Office 365 tenant.This often means a global organization must choose one region for their Office 365 tenant even though users will be distributed globally.

Features include: Upon activation, your Office 365 Global Administrators will become administrators in the corresponding Yammer network and can customize and administer Yammer.And I will further assume that you now wish to configure to be able to send email from those accounts.For this post, I’ll use a Gmail account as an example. From the web interface, choose Settings (gear), More email settings, and then Your email accounts.Most customers will not be affected by this change.Yammer Basic is an enterprise social networking service that helps workers connect, share, and collaborate.I recommend the latter, as there is no way to configure how frequently collects mail from other accounts, while forwarding is immediate.

Given this, I will assume that you are forwarding email from one or more other email accounts to (as I am).

That's because Microsoft considers the SBS 2011 Premium Add-on (at $1,604) to be just that: an add-on component (to the $1,096 Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard platform) and not a separate edition.

The other edition, the $545 Windows SBS 2011 Essentials package, has a 25-user limit.

It’s a free service that provides companies and their employees with a private network for posting messages, uploading files, “liking” posts, “following” particular individuals, tagging posts, searching, and so on.

When a company signs up for the Yammer Basic service, any employee of that company who has a valid company email address can participate in the Yammer network. Qualifying Office 365 customers who are looking for more granular control over the look and feel, content and membership management, or security of their Yammer network can upgrade the service to Yammer Enterprise.

You may recall that there are two ways in which to consolidate email accounts through