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Police have charged the three men with sexual harassment and offences under India's internet laws for sharing the video on social media.India has a terrible record of rape and sexual assault, and rights groups accuse authorities of failing swiftly to bring offenders to justice.

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"Instead, they scared him to death." Walgren's parents weren't contacted until almost 20 minutes into authorities' conversation with the teen, and once Walgren's mother said she'd come to the school, Walgren was left alone in the school office to wait for her.A T-Mobile employee from Florida landed in jail Friday after he allegedly emailed himself a sexually explicit video he found on a female customer’s phone, news station WFTS reported.Police said that the victim went to get her phone fixed at the Pinellas Park store, where she gave the device to 25-year-old employee Roberto Sanchez-Ramos for service.Uttar Pradesh's new leader Yogi Adiyanath, who came to power in March, sought to tackle the scourge through "anti-Romeo squads" - police units tasked with patrolling the streets ostensibly to protect women.Families face displacement in India's coal mining belt India's government is holding the first mining conference of its kind in Chattisgarh, as it tries to expand the sector."There has to be a change in their policy and their procedures," Maureen Walgren says.

- A T-Mobile employee was arrested Friday after police say he sent himself a sexually explicit video of a customer. North in Pinellas Park, a woman walked in hoping to have her phone fixed.

I realized I needed to know more, about how people overcome this shame. In your practice, in your research, how have you seen sex shame harm people?

I started doing these interviews, so I, and other people, could learn how to personally beat the sexual shame that affects our lives. God, this is the thing that really causes me anguish.

), clinical psychologist, blogger, and frequent Savage Love guest expert—has launched a new online video project. Ley is taking on sexual shaming and the damage it does. Essentially, it's interviews of people, talking about ways in which sexual shaming has affected them, and more importantly, how they overcame it.

“I’ve spent a long time, battling the effects of sexual shame within mental health," says Dr. "What’s clear from sexual research is that it’s the shame that does damage, not the sex." I was interviewed for #No More Sex Shame—you can see my video here—and I interviewed Dr. The series is on Youtube, and contains about a dozen videos now, with more coming every week.

Instead, he left, walking less than a mile away to the five-story parking garage from which he fell to his death.