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=null) // Runtime Error: Value is null, use new keyword! Error Text or cancel the operation, i just added them both here for clarity purposes. There is no need to validate data when there is no user input! Anyway, I get around it by using a edit flag like can I validate column content without getting this error. To Int16(column1.currentrow.column["My Column"].value. Another way of doing things, as instructed by the documentation is to handle the Value Changing event and handling validation there. So I opt for the more friendly Value Changing event. Why would the Value Changing Event Args class only has only three useful properties (Cancel, New Value, and Old Value)? When I put a break point in Cell Validating, I found that it fired TWICE whenever I clicked on a row. Thank you for your request to include it in the arguments of the event. The Error Text of the cell is displayed when the cell is hovered with the mouse.

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I'm using a mix of rowvalidation and cellvalidation to validate the input I get (although for the current problem I also tried deactivating the rowvalidation but still got the same results).While for WPF we will need some tricky combination of interfaces INotify Property Changed (notify part) and IData Error Info (error message part).For an example I’ll create a Silverlight application which consumes data with RIA services, because RIA services Entity object implements INotify Data Error Info interface natively. NET Entity Data Model and the Domain Service Class.Explore the Telerik Public Issue Tracking system and vote to affect the priority of the items Hi All, I have an issue while validating the cell of rad gridview.I have used cell validating event for checking whether the cell is empty or not.Hello, Your requirement cannot be done on a cell level as only one cell can be in edit mode state at a time.

As you have set the cell to be invalid, it cannot be committed so that you cannot go out of that cell.

Hi, over the year more and more things have become "bindable" - a must have for MVVM. What I have to do is handle the Row Edit Ended (and if I need Row Validation) also the Row Validating events.

I need special logic to store (insert / update) a row in the database.

I solved this by subclassing the Rad Grid View and offering a "Row Edit Ended Command" and a "Row Validating Command" as ICommand. Something like Hello Manfred, Generally, you can combine events and commands through Event To Command Behavior.

More information about it can be found in our documentation explaining how you could benefit from it. Regards, Maya Telerik Check out Telerik Analytics, the service which allows developers to discover app usage patterns, analyze user data, log exceptions, solve problems and profile application performance at run time.

In my previous post I’ve tried to explain Rad Grid View validation mechanism and support for 2 layers of validation (UI and Data) for a property/cell level.