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Rebecca gayheart dating history

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30 when Hollywood let forth a collective gasp at the news that Ratner and Packer were two of the key players behind a $450 million slate deal with Warner Bros., a joint venture between Rat Pac and Dune Capital Partners that will cover 75 films, or nearly all of the storied studio's product over a four-year period.It's not just the first time in recent years that Warners has agreed to take a financial partner across its complete body of work; it's also the first time a director has been involved in any such undertaking. Closes $450 Million Financing Deal With Dune, Brett Ratner's Rat Pac "Filmmakers have raised money for a movie before," notes Ratner, "but not for a slate of an entire studio's movies.

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October 2004 - Present Rebecca Gayheart married actor Eric Dane in 2004, and they made headlines when a racy video of them in a hot tub with former Miss Teen USA contestant Kari Ann Peniche hit the Internet.Contrary to his party-boy reputation, he avoids so much as a hint of alcohol, let alone anything heavier, and says even in his school days, he was too focused on films to think of anything else: "I never tried a drink to this day. Homeless Employment Nonprofit Chrysalis He's warm, generous and surprisingly sweet, with a notable absence of malice -- and much more circumspect than the guy who quipped "rehearsal's for fags" during a Howard Stern interview (after which he apologized so profusely, he was given GLAAD's Ally Award) or the boorish fellow whose crude comments about performing oral sex on Lindsay Lohan contributed (along with the "fag" joke) to his forced resignation as Oscar producer in 2011, a move that made him a public pinata for months.I've never had a sip of alcohol -- a sip of alcohol, ever. No interest." In person, he appears more grounded than the larger-than-life frat boy many have encountered through the media, that permanent partier whose exaggerated portrait in an episode made even insiders believe he was just a glorified social butterfly. Sometimes it's hard to connect this rumpled, direct, self-proclaimed "fat guy" with the tabloid staple who has dated models and actresses and even tennis sensation Serena Williams.Hannah Hart is a Youtuber famous for her You Tube videos where she videotapes herself cooking in the kitchen while drunk. She is also an author and a comedian, along with being an internet personality. She has two degrees, one in Japanese language and the other in English literature, which she received from Berkeley College.Shortly after graduation, she landed a job as a proofreader for Japanese and English language at a translation firm. She didn’t like her job very much and so she started a You Tube channel."People mistake the fact that I'm fun for somebody who's not serious," he says.

"But I'm the opposite of what people think I am." That became clear Sept.

She had minor roles in Nothing to Lose and Scream 2 (1997) before starring in the 1998 slasher film Urban Legend (1998) and the black comedy Jawbreaker (1999).

She has also had roles on the television series Dead Like Me, Vanished, and Nip/Tuck.

So, Hannah’s friend requested she sends her a video. After her success, she started to upload more You Tube videos on My Drunk Kitchen.

Instead of sending her the video privately, Hannah uploaded her video on You Tube. She also started collaborating with other You Tube stars such as Marie Hart, Hank Green, Grace Helbig, Jenna Marbles and others.

The commercials began airing in 1991 and brought her recognition.