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Pooping live cam

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Millions of people around the world are closely following the viral live stream of the pregnant giraffe who appears very close to giving birth.April's zoo in upstate New York predicted the arrival of an 'April Fool's' baby' yesterday but the overdue giraffe remains pregnant and has still not given birth yet.

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Unknown to the pregnant giraffe, she faces some stiff competition from a Rhino named Kibbibi.Here is the truth behind five common misconceptions about defecating. This might imply that the first S, which stands for, uh, defecating, is a healthy daily routine one should strive for.But it is latrine efficiency, not long-term health, that's the Army's top priority.But while April remains calm about the situation her social media fans are starting to show annoyance.One person just tweeted out: “‘April could give birth any minute'...24 hours later, she's still fat and not in labor.Gastroenterologists quip that anything in the range of three times daily to three times weekly is normal, assuming the feces isn't too loose or hard.

That is, regularity doesn't mean defecation should happen .

This weekend, things got pretty exciting in Jackson, Wyoming (population 9,577).

There was an arts festival, a bride-to-be twerked in an intersection, and a horse pooped in the middle of the street.

They speculated that bears prepare for hibernation by eating indigestible plant material to purge their digestive tracts and form a rectal plug that prevents further eating.

This erroneous speculation is still repeated in popular literature today.

Researchers at the Wildlife Research Institute in Ely, Minnesota found that the "unidentified" main mass of the plug is intestinal secretions and cells that continue to slough off the inside of the digestive tract during hibernation. Starving humans also continue to make small amounts of feces when they have no food intake.