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Causes : It can be due to nail injury or infection.Busy = have a lot to do, occupied with many things.Of course it’s spelt nothing like how it’s said and is pronounced biz-nis!It reflects in the form of small white spots on almost all fingernails.Symptoms : Some of the obvious signs of leukonychia are white spots on the fingernail.You can find out about moving to Ireland and your social security entitlements.

Your employer is responsible for deducting your social insurance contribution from your wages and paying it together with the employer’s contribution to the Revenue. If the amount paid to Revenue is not correct the employer is responsible for making up the deficit.

If your social insurance contributions have not been paid you may lose entitlement to a social welfare benefit or the amount of your pension may be reduced.

If you have worked in another country, your social insurance record in that country may help you qualify for benefits in Ireland.

Business = commerce, the activity of buying and/or selling something to make money Busyness = the state of being busy with many things to do Be careful of the pronunciation of the following two words: Business (biz-nis two syllables) Busyness (biz-e-nis three syllables) Remember, there are some adjectives where if you add -ness to the end, it will become a noun.

Noun – Adjective Sad – Sadness Happy – Happiness (Be careful, the Y changes to an I) Crazy – Craziness (Be careful, the Y changes to an I) Busy – Busyness Do you sometimes have problems spelling these words?

A Canon az 1Ds gépeiben az utóbbit használja ki, most 21,1 millió effektív pixelnél tart, a Nikon a D3-ban pedig az előbbit, viszonylag közepes felbontás mellett ISO25600-as érzékenységnek megfelelőt is tud produkálni, használható ISO6400-as érzékenység mellett.