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The mystery of Mako deepens, when Zac discovers the ruins of an ancient merman temple. But once awoken, the ruins become visible to all during a full moon.

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Of the two communication apps that Google announced at I/O, Duo surely seemed like the less interesting one.Two new mermaids, Ondina and Mimmi, head to the mainland with Sirena to try to remove Zac's powers.The two try to warn Zac about his impending encounter with his seventh full moon since becoming a merman and convince him to let them return him to normal, but Zac insist he doesn't need their help and he no longer desires to.Webcam problems often simply mean there is no image to be seen, but in other cases you might actually get an error message or will not be able to select the webcam as the video source in your programs.In Windows Live Messenger for example, you might get webcam error 0x8a70013, indicating a problem with the webcam device.And now video footage taken by the drone and released by the Space Needle shows just how close it came to crashing into the assembled workmen.

The footage starts with the flying object taking off from the ground before getting higher, showing tourists visiting the observation deck.

One of the very first step is of course to check your webcam connection.

Most webcams use the USB port to connect to the PC, so check if your USB cable is properly plugged.

Not because I to see them while I chat with them, but because the simplicity is there and it's enough to make me think twice before opening either app.

But Duo isn't yet without its faults or missing features.

Use My Drive on smartphone, tablet or PC to easily send destinations to your Tom Tom GO.