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Howto stop messenger updating

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So dealing with webcam problems can be a necessary evil.If you find yourself annoyed with update notifications that you can't disable, there's a way to get around that.If you can't disable update checking from within a program, then chances are pretty decent that the service is running in the Task Scheduler.How do I stop the requests for installing Facebook messenger?Since yesterday, using the mobile version of Facebook site, each time one clicks on the message box or any message in the message box, a installation request event for facebook messenger is fired *without user agreement*.Once you have travelled to the realm you will find yourself surrounded by new and strange plants, animals and even a new race.

Once there, you will see that everything is not as serene as it first appears.

For build-in webcams this steps does of course not apply. Also try connecting your webcam directly to your PC instead of through a USB hub (if you are using one).

But don’t forget to check if you need to manually activate your webam.

I like the previous version better, but every time I install it, the next day when I log onto my comp, it updates without telling me and switches to the 2011 Essentials version. You might have Windows Update activated to download and install all updates an this version of msn might be seen that it needs to be updated.

So maybe check whether windows live messenger/essentials is in your list.

Updates can occur for many reasons: new features being added, fixing bugs, or, most importantly, patching security flaws.