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The same can be said for every single contributor to this site, of couse....I take my hat off to everyone involved, for this site would be a lot poorer without them.

While keeping bargained doing it for money, the time and meeting. Rumored considered sex cam sites with live granny phone the best chat network in world.When I was a young lad during the Second World War, the Luftwaffe flattened our house in Gooch Street, Birmingham during a bombing raid over the Midlands.With more air raids imminent, I was evacuated to the little village of Ashwel near the town of Oakham in Rutland to live with my Auntie Nelly.Born in 1946, Derek started train spotting with his brother Roger at the now-closed Monument Lane station, Birmingham, where he fondly remembers the '1 o'clock Brit' on the 9.30am Manchester-Birmingham, .As he grew older he became a regular visitor to the Western Region's Snow Hill and New Street on the London Midland Region.It would thus be gratefully appreciated if you could indicate your consent to this by clicking the button opposite. The aim of the site is to provide an alternative to conventional journey planners, by enabling intending passengers to make their own judgement on appropriate and achievable itineraries and connections.

Information is updated nightly from data feeds provided by Network Rail, except for details of station connection times, train schedules for Ireland (North & South) and some bus and ferry schedules, which are updated weekly from data feeds provided by ATOC.

After the job was done he gave me a cheery wave, then lighting his pipe, climbed down and asked - 'Are you interested in locomotives? His next question excited me more than anything before or since - 'Do yer fancy a look inside the cab?

' I flew over to the loco and climbed onto the footplate for the first time.

Jerry Sandusky's adopted son is finally going public about the years of sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of the former Penn State Football coach ... Matthew Sandusky sat down with Winfrey for a special for OWN that will air on July 17th -- and according to the network, he will reveal "never-before-heard details of the sexual abuse he experienced as a child at the hands of his adopted father, and why he is choosing to speak out now."Matthew says the abuse started when he was just 10-years-old ... Matthew also told Oprah, "At bedtime, his ritual began."As for Jerry, he was convicted on 45 counts of sexual assault involving 10 to 15 boys and will spend the rest of his disgusting life behind bars.

Derek Dean's resolve in the compilation of this page with no prospect of financial gain, just the satisfaction of being involved, tells you a great deal about the man.

Future plans include the addition of real-time updates and historical information on actual train arrival and departure times.