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Gal not updating in outlook

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When connected to an Exchange server, Outlook will automatically synchronize the address book once every 24 hours.

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Quite often all Administrators, even Exchange Administrators simply refer to the users they see in the Address section of Outlook casually as the GAL for ease of reference, but really more often than not, you are looking at the OAB.not the best solution perhaps but the only one i know of.The problem you are facing is that by default the OAB is updated once per day.This situation however is extremely rare since the default maintenance time on Exchange is at AM and updates and downloads are usually performed during working hours.*** NOTE: The GAL is essentially a real-time / online representation of AD Objects that are Mail Enabled for Microsoft Exchange *** The GAL contains information for all email enabled users, Distribution Groups, and Shared Mailboxes and Exchange Resource Mailboxes.On the Exchange Admin Console we will Click on "Admin Roles" On "Admin Roles" page we will create a new Role Called "Address List Management" by clicking on the " " tab.

Next we will complete the name and description, the click on " " tab to select the new role.

The clients are using outlook in cached exchange mode, and I read that a manual download of the offline address book can be achieved by going to send and receive, then download address book. I then found this Microsoft article: Which describes setting a registry value that dictates how the OAB should function.

I changed the value to this setting: 1 = The Offline Address Book uses the Download Full Items download mode. I then deleted all of the files as per the article. Has anyone else experienced this issue, or have any idea why it would occur?

In this Article i will show you how to "Manually" update the Address List in Office 365 First thing you should do is to connect Exchange Online via Power Shell $O365Cred = Get-Credential Now type your global administrator login details, then Create a Ps Session to Office 365 as follow.

$Session = New-PSSession -Configuration Name Microsoft. Exchange -Connection Uri -Credential $O365cred -Authentication Basic -Allow Redirection After the session has been created we will import the newly created session .

And if I can't push it, how long is the default for the GAL to get updated?