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These are just a few examples of my accomplishments.The fact that you are currently working with the employer does not mean that your current manager (or potential manager) is familiar with the solutions and achievements you have secured within the work place, so it is up to you to portray this – and what better way than within a contribution-oriented resume.

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Plus, you are wasting your time, and the company's time, applying for jobs that aren't a good fit.Computer science and mathematics are used to elaborate the means for transforming simple descriptions of archaeological data into cultural, economic, and social reconstructions of earlier societies.This type of research is attempts to provide archaeology with a theoretical framework based on scientific method.The research involves artifactual and nonartifactual data.The method evolved from the tendency to formalize the archaeological process, especially through the work of LR Binford, DL Clarke, and JC Gardin.Artifacts, structures, settlements, materials, and features of prehistoric or ancient peoples are surveyed and / or excavated to uncover history in times before written records.

Archaeology also supplements the study of recorded involves isolating, describing, and structuring data, usually by typological classification, along with chronological, functional, technological, and constituent determinations.

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Ancient astronomical knowledge can be inferred through the study of the alignments and other aspects of these archaeological sites.