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LANDLORDS across Scotland are targeting vulnerable women by offering free rent in return for sex.

He elaborates: “Favours I would appreciate include things such as giving naughty flashes of your body, always teasing me, leaving your shavings whenever you shave your legs etc.” He says sex will not be involved “unless of course it is something that you would like.” Another man advertising a two- bedroom flat in Arbroath again specifies it is for a “lady” only. Because such an arrangement might be voluntary, or appear so, police often feel no offence is being committed, until someone is forced to do something against their will or feels they are being exploited.In 2013, sex-selective abortion bans were the second most-proposed abortion ban in the states. To support their efforts to undermine reproductive rights, anti-choice activists and politicians have commonly used six myths— one of them being that Asian American women are giving birth to more boys than girls because they are engaging in sex-selective practices. Congress have considered these bans since 2009 and eight states have banned sex-selective abortion."When we saw these sorts of things happening, first just one case, and then more and more of them, we saw that this is a widespread phenomenon," said Beijing-based rights lawyer Huang Yizhi, one of the founders of the group.She said the lawyers want to ensure that underage girls making complaints about sex abuse will get fair treatment in the judicial system.She adds that casting herself “made me feel like the statements I wanted to make were louder, more in-your-face.” Hu first got the idea for “Cake” while she was a student at Ohio State University, earning her degree in marketing and art.

“OSU didn’t have a film program, so I took as much of their film/video classes as I could,” she says.

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2013-06-03 In the wake of a string of child sex abuse scandals in recent months, and the jailing of an activist who launched a campaign against them, a group of top Chinese women lawyers from across the country has joined forces to represent the girl victims of sex attacks.

She would not be allowed to leave the building until she had worked off her debt. I'm in their hands.' " The United States is not the usual destination for international traffickers in human flesh, who mostly feed on the thriving sex industries in Thailand, the Philippines, Japan and India.

"I could not respond, but I wept," Na recalled through an interpreter. But experts say the scale of the operation that used Na -- a brothel at 208 Bowery housing more than 30 smuggled Thai women -- indicates that thousands of Asians could be engaged in forced prostitution in America.

This is the premise for “Cake,” a short film by New York-based director Anne Hu that is having its local premiere at the D. It is not unusual for directors to put themselves in their own films.