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Four years of dating

Here’s the letter I wrote him: Aaron surprised me with flowers and Michael Buble tickets. It was hands-down probably the most romantic thing he has ever done for me and I will never forget it.I really wanted to make this anniversary thoughtful and romantic so I broke it up into two things.

older lesbian dating younger woman fulfillment that vicky half.However, we will give priority to any question accompanied by a small donation. I mentioned, or asked, to try to confirm that he did want to get married and have kids.Click the Paypal button to the right to support the guys. He made some joke about how I couldn’t handle a kid because I’d drop it, since I’m so careless.But then around the 2.5 year mark, I started to ask him when I would meet his parents and how I wanted to come over his place.He was dealing with a very sick dad who passed away last year and basically took care of his parents, changed his dad, fed him, etc. He always seemed so stressed over working (he has his own law practice) and caring for his dad, that I didn’t want to stress him out, so I didn’t push things like pressing him to get married.It does take a good amount of time to give thoughtful answers to your questions. I pressed it and he got very uncomfortable, and asked me where “all this” was coming from. We talked the following week and he said how he shouldn’t have gone MIA but that he wasn’t on any timeline.

I have been dating my boyfriend for 4 years and a few months. He’s the first and only guy I “knew” and he was about 6-7 months into the relationship. I also made it clear in those first 6 months that I was not dating him to be his girlfriend forever. We knew we loved each other, so I thought everything was fine.

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Four Years of Mixed Messages Dear Guys, I hope you get to respond to this one.

I said that was fine, since I thought that it was only a year and half into our relationship.

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