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Due to the resurgence of traditional culture and the Islamic faith, some traditional families still practice arranged marriages.Turkmenistan is a Muslim country located in Central Asia bordering the Caspian Sea having gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

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Viktor Sarianidi, barefoot at dawn, surveys the treeless landscape from a battered lawn chair in the Kara-Kum desert of Turkmenistan.Allow one of our Turkmen brides to keep you company for the rest of your life. The landlocked country also borders Afghanistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan.You can find your soul mate by browsing through our ladies. The country is made up of a desert and has a subtropical desert climate.Therefore, if somebody had been inhospitable to a traveler, even the relatives of such a person would have despised him.Turkmen have always considered bread and salt sacred. The respectful attitude toward seniors is also based on ancient traditions.They say in the Orient: "Every guest is sent by the Allah! It means that hospitality is not only the host's duty but also his sanctity.

This tradition was born in the ancient times and has rooted in modern Turkmen lifestyle. People could not survive the hardships experienced in the desert without each other's support.

Turkmenistan, a Central Asian country with 5 million people living on a territory the size of California, has grown more and more remote from the rest of the world since it declared independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

The oppressive regime rarely permits journalists to enter, but photographer Pavel Prokopchik had an opportunity to travel there recently and used his journey to document everyday life.

Among the most important values for the Turkmen are friendship, love and, most of all, family.

They are known for their hospitality, honesty and sincerity, and for their generosity.

Turkmen is the official language although Russian is still widely spoken.