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Dating ip banned

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I know exactly why these guys are getting banned from all these sites, so today I’m going to tell you exactly how to do what I do and get banned, while still being able to open many women online and even utilize multiple profiles when needed. For younger or better-looking guys with strong game, this can work so more power to ya, but you’re going to be getting banned left and right and I won’t be.

All without ever getting banned, or even warned, by any of them. Now I realize that some guys looking for fast ONS sex actually to get sexual in their profile.The worst I ever got with that was a line I stole from Neil Struass about how I’m “old enough to do it right and young enough to do it often”, but even that line I haven’t used in years. If you want to get sexual in your profile, then use language that subtly implies it rather than saying it straight out. However, if you want to never worry about getting banned, just keep the sexual stuff for the first dates, and not on the profile. Don’t get too overtly sexual in your online dating messages to women.This one should be obvious but a lot of guys still blow this one, often on purpose.For reference, we use Comcast cable internet in Houston, Tx. I had sent out both copy and paste type messages as well as original/unique messages.When I tried to log in it always says: Sorry, we're having technical difficulties right now. When i tried to create a new account it says something about an unexpected error occurring.

I got banned from my favorite datingsite for a few months now, i didn't do anything wrong but i still contacted the costumer support, they gave me a second chance and unsuspended my account.

2 days later my account got banned again while i didn't even use the site a lot! I made a new account on my tablet and pc but they got banned as well. I'll be traveling soon so i might get one in another country, will they indentify me if i use a brand new phone with brand new pictures? I feel really bad about being banned for something i didn't do.. You didn't say why they banned you the first time, but I can guess why.

Plus i met great people on the site and now i can't talk to them.. Then they ban you a second time and you don't know why, yet you don't contact them to find out why?

Sooo...apparently, the IP address for our entire house is blocked from Ok Cupid.

I know this, because I went on one of the sites that masks your IP and lets you surf anonymously. Does anyone else know what may be going on and why it would be blocked for EVERY computer in the house on this network??

Perhaps someone has your account login and is doing something to get you banned?