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Dating baccarat marks

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Baccarat first began marking its work with a registered mark in 1860.The mark was a label affixed to the bottom of the work.

Baccarat received its first royal commission in 1823.Search a replacement-crystal website that has an image gallery until you find a pattern that resembles yours.Once you're fairly certain that you know the right pattern name, type the pattern name into a search engine to pull up even more images.In some cases, the company name is etched into the crystal, but early pieces may simply bear a letter "B" and the year the piece was made.Many Baccarat crystal pieces -- from decanters to perfume bottles and stemware -- are marked with a logo that also includes the company name.) is a French manufacturer of fine crystal glassware located in Baccarat, France.

The company owns two museums: the Musée Baccarat in Baccarat, Meurthe-et-Moselle and the Musée Baccarat in Paris on the Place des États-Unis.

This began a lengthy line of commissions for royalty and heads of state throughout the world.

In 1855 Baccarat won its first gold medal at the Worlds Fair in Paris.

Instead, look somewhere on the weight for the letter "B" and a year.

Baccarat crystal, such as glassware, typically has a pattern name that may be easy to forget if you do not have the original packaging the crystal came in.

Louis XVIII became the patron of the Baccarat company, promoting the glass arts of the company.