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Dating a man that lives swinging lifestyle

One of the traits that determines happiness and mental health is flexibility: the capacity for creativity, abstract thinking, and adapting to changing circumstances.When it comes to the sex lives of swingers, there’s no question that they are more flexible in their approach to sex than their monogamous peers.

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Monogamous couples also often fear that their best days are behind them, that they lost the opportunity for sexual excitement in favor of settling down and getting married.Although swinging couples often become close friends with other swinging couples, there are rules restricting emotional involvement with non-spousal partners.That said, the relationships that form between couples can easily and often become as emotionally complex as that of the married partners.The grand showcase filled with a gigantic cake, people rejoicing in admiration for love and the final phrase a man proudly declares that seals his fate and condemns him to a life sentence most bachelors dread…“I do.”Despite the passively negative connotations associated with marriage, it can be blissful.Lady Suzanne, the popular newspaper columnist who regularly reports on all things sexual, volunteered her answers to a few of the questions I had previously asked Dr. Some men are surprised to see just how much fun their "slut" can have and still be in love only with them.

But I have to say that I thought Wolf's "alpha male" comments were too much!

Emotional monogamy and primary commitment to the love relationship with one’s marital partner is the base rule.

Swinging sex is usually done in the presence of one’s spouse and requires the consent of both partners.

The girls back then were considered so different from the boys, that any hint of carnal pleasure in a female might well result in a clitoridectomy!

The medical profession actually considered such surgical intervention an appropriate protocol for habitual masturbation and these procedures were practiced well into the 20th century.

But the real question is more complex: Is flexibility toward sex a good thing or a bad thing?