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Driving, acting, uploading, what began as 1970s conceptual performance mutated into 1990s pulp melodrama when two hitchhikers, Nora and Nicolas, hopped on board, all becoming fictional characters playing in a digital documentary of their own making.

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We as a society seem to have very different opinions about men and women who seduce teenagers, especially if the man is gay.This idea for a great and even when you giving her this.There was living with became very expensive and serve.Philip Pocock is a Canadian artist, photographer and researcher. Since the early 1990s, his work has been collaborative, situational, time-, code-, net-based and participatory.In photography, in the 1980s, Philip Pocock produced two bodies of photographic works: lyrical documentary explorations in New York and Berlin; as well as alchemical Cibachrome photographs.Alice is a young American stripper who just arrived in London, and Dan is an unsuccessful British writer who is on his way to work where he writes obituaries for a newspaper.

Alice looks in the wrong direction as she crosses the street and is hit by a taxi cab right in front of Dan's eyes.

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In 1980, "The Obvious Illusion: Murals from the Lower East Side", a monograph of his color photographs, was published by George Braziller to accompany public exhibitions of his Cibachrome photographs at the Cooper Union, in New York, in 1980, and the Art Gallery of Ontario, in Toronto, in 1981.