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Bunny speed dating

In 2009, we bought our first rabbit, a Holland Lop named Patches, as a pet for our daughter, Cara.

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Patches recovered, and I was so grateful to Mc Calla that I immediately began volunteering with the rescue.We will happily match your rabbit up with the perfect bunny friend.Do you already have two rabbits but need help with bonding?Your bunny will be safe, secure and spoiled while in our care.Cost $25.00 a day – Fresh Veggies, High quality Pellets, Timothy Hay and Litter provided. Harvest Home offers “bunny speed dating” at our monthly adoption events.

You can bring your spayed or neutered rabbit to one of our events, and we will supervise an introduction to find your bunny the perfect friend.

After talking and emailing back and forth we want to take Baby there for some bunny speed dating.

They come highly recommended and are experts in bunny bonding. They know how to do it and could not believe all we went through trying to bond Baby and Gracie.

We can hinder or help the process with our own reactions.

Okay so Baby is so sweet and snuggly we feel that she still needs a friend.

Going on vacation but can’t take Snicker Doodle Bun with you?