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Bosco wong dating

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At the upcoming TVB anniversary awards, Bosco is nominated in the Best Actor cate...

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28-year-old Eliza is the 2010 Ms Chinese International Pageant winner.Now, the Hong Kong media reveals that 35 year old Myolie Wu will be marrying his boyfriend Phil in the UK this year on the 28th of December with a grand wedding. He has played of this media portrayal to enhance his image to meet women such as myolie. It is understood that she will start her own bridal studio next month and self-manage her entire wedding. He is just a recruitment consultant in a small firm and associated with club owners in LKF. He is just a recruitment consultant in a small firm and associated with club owners in LKF.After breaking up with Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong has a string of romantic rumours with his co-stars such as Bella Lam and Chinese actress Qi Wei.Possessing a sweet look and a 33C busty figure, Eliza is conferred as the goddess by many male audience.

She is also said to be a hot pursued target by many TVB actors and Bosco reportedly has succeeded courting her.

She has been in many commercials and photo shoots for brands including Toyota and Sony and has been featured in magazines like Fashion News and Elle Girl.

She even appeared in a music video for Japanese singer Kumi Koda.

According to Jayne Stars, upon noticing the paparazzi, they immediately went their separate ways.

Bosco came clean about the relationship to reporters today (March 12) saying that they "are still in the beginning stages". ” She is apparently in Hong Kong on a short vacation.

He asked for the media to let them "get to know one each other." When asked about how far they've gotten to know each other, he explained: “We haven’t even had the chance yet. Bosco shared that there is no language barrier between them despite their different nationalities as they communicate in English.