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to say nothing of the variation in how coworkers will respond to it.Sigmund Freud famously asked the question, “What do women want? I offer some help to an answer in my book, Beyond Mars and Venus.As relationships continue to evolve and change, t...Highlight('comment_body_usertext')" class="small Text" href="#comment_form" Dusty wrote: "Gone WIth The Wind? Just because a book has a \"strong female lead\" doesn\'t make it feminist!"\n\n' $('comment_body_usertext').value;new Effect. Highlight('comment_body_usertext')" class="small Text" href="#comment_form" Rita wrote: "Surpriced to see that [book: The War Against Women|58287] wasn\'t on the list until I used the added function..."\n\n' $('comment_body_usertext').value;new Effect.Sexual harassment occurs when one employee makes continued, unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature to another employee against his or her wishes. Supervisors should immediately involve Human Resources staff. I think the workplace is one of the logical locations for people to meet and fall in love, as long as the employees engaged in the relationship follow common sense guidelines.

However, dating your reporting staff is never appropriate.

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Some people think fragrance-sensitive people are overreacting and they should just deal with it (regardless of what the medical literature says).

Justin and his wife Kristin Hege met and started dating while working in a restaurant, then had to keep their secret from co-workers.

Fragrances from laundry detergent, body lotion, hair products, and even soap can all linger, particularly if they’re strong to begin with.