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Antique photo restoration and dating

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Fortunately, photo editing has just the right tools for each aspect: Before any digital restoration can be performed, the original photo (or film negative) needs to be scanned.This step is critical, since it ultimately determines your restoration's potential.

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I cannot draw or paint but with Photoshop I can repair a photograph using those techniques.Old Photo Specialists performs all restoration and reproduction work in our studio. It is never outsourced to others for restoration services.Large convex or flat prints that often resemble drawings (1920’s) are some of our favorites.Needless to say, try and use the best scanning equipment and software at your disposal.Everything else being equal, flatbed scanners usually provide much higher quality than similar sheetfed scanners. Often whichever software came with your scanner will work fine, especially since this caters to the capabilities of your particular device.The pictures I sent to him, were highly sentimental to me, and his restoration of these photos was nothing less, than incredible.

By Scott Garascia Photo Restoration……: the act or process of returning something to its original condition by repairing it, cleaning it, etc.

It's worth keeping a copy of the scratchy image so that you can compare it with the cleaned up version. Place the cursor inside the patch and drag upwards to select a clear bit of the wall.

Click on 'Layer 0 copy' and choose Filter Dust & Scratches. Click OK.05 Disable the filter Many of the scratches and dust spots will become filled in, but you're also losing key details on the subjects. The sampled area will fill the original patch and blend seamlessly with its neighbouring pixels.

Click the tick or alternatively hit Enter to apply the crop. Drag the black input level slider to the right to a value of 29. Drag the white input levels slider to the left to a value of 215. Drag the grey slider left to 1.24 to lighten the midtones.

The children are now more prominent in the straightened frame.03 Tweak contrast The shot's faded tones are very flat. The shot now has more contrast.04 Create Smart Object Click on 'Layer 0' and press Cmd/Ctrl J to duplicate it.

Not to say I’m not still learning, that is a forever going process.